As a chain manager, you have the option to create campaign templates for your stores. These templates can be used to create sales campaigns as quickly and easily as possible. Advantages for you: Consistent campaign topics and distribution of a promotion across several stores. Benefits for store managers: Easy and fast campaign creation in line with the chain management. How to create templates for your business is described in this article.

Step 1

Enter the template overview. Click on the templates tab.

Here you can see all already created templates and you can delete them by clicking on the trashcan icon.

2nd step

Click on the Create button in the upper right corner.

3rd step

Give your template a name and click Create.

4th step

This opens the campagin-editor, as in a classic sales campaign. Fill in the mask (you can find information here). Your changes will be automatically saved by the system.


 Now you or your store managers can create a sales campaign from the new template. How to do that, you can be found here. 

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