You can find the campaign report in the "Store" - section. After selecting the appropriate store click on "Report".

The campaign report is divided into the areas "level up status", "flow", "campaign overview" and "heroes & cheers". 

1. level up status: Here your team performance can develop from Green Horn to Living Legend. The graphic illustrates how the status has evolved in the last few weeks. This graphic is based on the results from the following sections "Flow", "Campaigns" and "Heroes and Cheers" and thus provides an overview. The middle indicator shows what level you are currently in and how many points are needed to reach the next status. Helpful hints on how to increase your performance to reach the next level as fast as possible are listed here.

2. Flow: In this area, the target achievement rate is considered. The optimal target achievement rate is between 85% and 115% - because in this area the employees work in an optimal balance between over- and under-demands. The chart illustrates whether the campaign requirements are in line with salespeople skills.

3. Campaign Overview: The right number of campaigns is critical to sales success. To find the right strategy, this section shows you how many campaigns in your store have been active in the past three months. 

4. Tasks: The Hero Tasks make it easier to do repetitive work and give you the opportunity to get recognition via “Thank you”. This strengthens the sense of being. An overview of completed hero tasks and cheers over time gives the graph.  

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