There are two different possibilities to assign your products to their specific category: You can either assign them manually or automatically via an CSV export of your cash register system. This is section is only available to branch managers. 

  1.                  Assigning manually

To assign a product to a category manually, move to the “product” section. There you can select a product by clicking on it. A window opens named “category”. You can now select to which category you want to assign your product.

2.                  Assigning automatically 

For assigning your products automatically you will need a data export of your cash register system which can then by imported to the management cockpit. Please make sure, that you only import recent products. You do not want to import outdated articles, because your data will get confusing and it will be harder for you to create campaigns. 

In order to make sure that the assignment process works perfectly, we need a correct data structure. Your CSV file should have the following structure:

In this case, product 1 & 2 will be assigned to category 1. Product 3 to category 2. 

It is also important that the naming in the export is exactly the same as on the coupon which leaves your cash register system. 

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