You cannot choose a product for campaigns?

Check if the corresponding product has been deactivated!

The sell & pick software automatically deactivates products if they are sent without value (0 €) on the first payment. This can be the case with tender bookings, for example.

To check whether individual products are inactive, go to the Products tab (in the Company area). If there is no checkmark behind the corresponding product, it is not activated and cannot be selected for campaigns.

To activate the product click on the name, activate the checkmark and save your changes. Now the product is available again in the campaign selection.

If you want to deactivate the product, you simply have to remove the checkmark in the same way. 

You want to count tender bookings and regular bookings separately?

The distinction happens in our software only on a namely basis. If you want the items to be recorded separately, rename them in the POS system, e.g. French fries maincourse, french fries side dish, french fries tender ...

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