Do you have problems receiving payments in the user dashboard?
Or did you receive a message from sell & pick to disconnect the sell & pick box from the electricity and then plug it in again?

In rare cases it can happen that the communication of the cash register to the sell & pick box or the connection of the sell & pick box in the network to the Internet is disturbed.


In this case the following applies:

  • ¬†Disconnect the sell & pick box from the power and reconnect it after a short time. The red LED in the sell & pick box must light up permanently after the restart.
  • Check if all cables, e.g. the LAN cable (are the LEDs lit?) are plugged in correctly.
  • Make sure that the network / internet data in your store / store has not been changed.

Do you see a printer error message on the cash register, which is connected with the sell & pick printer?

Please execute the points as described above.

  • Check that the cash register settings regarding the sell & pick printer are still correct and maybe restart the cash register.

If, after reviewing the above points, you still cannot see any payments in the User Dashboard, please contact us. We are happy to help you!

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