Creating a new seller:

  1. In the store view, click on Users> PoS Staff> Create:

2. The detailed view of the new seller opens:

The first name, last name, email address and seller ID of the seller must be entered there.

What are seller IDs?

These are the names of salespeople noted on each receipt under "Waiter:". In this case, it is essential that spaces and parentheses, if available, are not forgotten, so that our software platform can assign the payments to the individual.

Then click on "Create" to save the seller.

Note: Each email address can only be used once! The correct spelling of the email address is very important, because the login link is sent to this address.

3. A new window opens, click on "Send login link", so that the corresponding employee can request his access data.

4. In the employee overview, you can see at a glance what the status of your created salesperson is.

Explanation of the symbols:

Dash: The employee was created, but no login link was sent.

Letter: The login link was sent, but the employee has not yet registered.

Checkmark: The employee has successfully registered with sell & pick and is now ready to go!

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