The store manager is responsible for his store at sell & pick and, after being created, can create campaigns for his store.

Store managers can be added in the store view in the user Area. To do this, click Create under "Store Manager".

(Existing store managers can be changed by clicking on the name.)

A contact form appears in which all login information, user name and password must be entered. The password is first assigned by the management (for example, Start123) and can later be changed by the store manager himself.

 The seller mode option should be enabled if the store manager needs access to the employee area.

 Click on the "Create" button to save the store manager.

After the creation, you can send the new store manager a login link with his access data to the stored e-mail address. Just click on "Send onboarding link".

Alternatively, you can also manually send the store manager a login link once it has been created. The store manager can log in with these access data in the Management Cockpit at

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