The campaigns tab shows all planned, ongoing and completed sales campaigns as well as drafts and templates.


In the Templates area, all created campaign templates are displayed, click on a template to edit it or create a mission from a template. If you click on the "Create" button, you can create a new template. Use the trashcan icon to delete a template. More about templates can be found here.


Under Draft you will find all campaigns that have already been created but have not yet been assigned a period or have not yet been activated.

If you want to create a sales campaign, you can do so by clicking the button "Create", as soon as you are in the draft area. How to customize a campaign, you will find out in here. If you click on "from template" you can create a new mission from a template.


"Planned" is an overview of already created, activated campaigns, with their starting point in the future. Click on the title of a mission to edit it. If you click on the description, an overview opens. If the target calculation method of the campaign is either benchmark distribution or dynamic increase, you will see a visualization of the planned target sales per day over the campaign period in the form of gray bars.


In the tab "Running" you can see all campaigns that are currently active. If you click on the campaign title, you can edit it. Clicking on the short description opens a small overview that shows you the current performance of the campaign. The sales are indicated by purple bars. If the target calculation method for the selected campaign is either a benchmark distribution or a dynamic increase, gray bars are also displayed here that visualize the target of the sales performance for the respective days of the campaign period. Compare the two bars to find out how your campaign is performing in relation to your goal on each day.

If you are viewing this as a company-manager, you can also compare the performance of your individual stores. You'll also see campaigns that run in multiple stores (at the management level) as well as campaigns from individual stores.


 "Finished" shows all campaigns whose end time has already passed. The standard view contains all campaigns of the last 12 weeks. If you want to see more, scroll down to the bottom and click on "Show all". 

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