The Dashboard shows the most important data and facts about your store at a glance.

Revenue current business day

Here you can see your current sales in real time and compare them at a glance with the average sales of recent weeks.

Active campaigns

Active Campaigns includes all current campaigns of the store, which are also visible in the User Dashboard. Here the progress can be observed in real time.

Sales Radar

Sales radar shows the sales figures for the focus categories from last week. How to set the focus categories is explained here. Your sales radar gives you information about the development of the individual product categories and whether cannibalization effects occur.


The revenue of the last seven days is shown here. 

KPI's = Key Performance Indicator (last 7 days)

  • Active campaigns: number of active campaigns in the store
  • Planned campaigns: number of campaigns already created and active with a start date in the future
  • Campaign drafts: number of inactive campaigns
  • Heroes: number of completed task 
  • Cheers: number of cheers awarded
  • Active sellers: sellers that are created in the system and actively sell during the period 
  • distribution: the distribution shows you how the revenue is distributed across the different categories, including a trend 
  • Positions / Receipts: Average number of positions on a receipt 
  • Receipt - Value: Corresponds to the average receipt
  • Goal-Plus:  total difference between comparison value (from the past) and actually achieved value
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