What is sell&pick?

Sell&pick is the digital partner of catering trade and stationary retail. The sell&pick software platform revolutionizes processes for new and meaningful way of controlling sales at the point of sale. We create an agile and dynamic control of sales measures by measuring sales in real time. Therefore, we can give accurate and targeted advice to the management and the employees.

Salespeople benefit from transparency, educational content, motivation, fun, real-time feedback, and insight into personal performance and development. The user application gives the employees insights into briefings, team goals and progress and in the protected area information about the individual development.

The Management Cockpit acts as a management tool for controlling sales promotions, as well as for evaluating and analyzing each individual branch. The preparation of various KPIs in real time, as well as the graphical representation of changes throughout the company as well as in each individual branch, enable transparent corporate management and optimal intervention.

What advantage do employees have if they use sell & pick?

The sell & pick software platform has a positive impact on the motivation of the team. In addition, it provides a streamlined and effective sales process, increases the fun factor at work and the team spirit of the staff, thus ensuring individual performance and revenue. By communicating product knowledge and standards, the know-how and the service / consulting quality increase, which in turn implies a higher guest / customer satisfaction.

Is the receipt layout prescribed as described in the receipt structure document or can adjustments be made here?

We are largely flexible with the receipt layout and can adjust our system to new layouts. After all, the layouts are dependent on the POS system and we adapt to the layout used.

How much does sell & pick cost in the application?

You can find our prices here.

Are unused accounts automatically disabled or need to be deleted?

Unused accounts must be deleted / deactivated.

What are missions? And how could they look like?

The sell & pick application is based on so-called missions, which means sales measures. A given sales target should be reached by the employees within a given time. The ongoing development can be viewed by the employees at any time via the user application. The most common mission variant is measured by sales. Example: The daily turnover should be increased by 10%. Alternatively, missions can also be measured by sold quantity and liter. Example: Sale of 150 accessories or 100 liters of beer after 6 pm.

Does sell & pick assist in finding the missions?

Upon request, sell & pick will create practical sales scenarios and tips for the respective missions and will enter these together with the mission content in the management cockpit.

Where are the background information and sales tips for the respective missions?

All sales scenarios, tips and background information on missions and products are entered in the Management Cockpit. sell & pick offers customers templates for this from our idea refrigerator. The branch manager or the head office can process the respective missions as required and put them into the management cockpit.

Which system requirements are necessary for terminal devices?

The Management Cockpit requires a modern browser (such as the latest Chrome or Firefox) and a stable Internet connection. The sell & pick app is available for iOS and Android.

Which system requirements does a branch need?

The connection to the POS system is simple and customer-friendly, as this is done via a serial or IP printer interface. All you need is a power connection and wired internet access. Sell&pick can be used with nearly every POS system as a "plug-and-play" solution and can be installed in no time.

How is sell & pick connected to the respective POS system?

The connection is made via a serial or IP printer interface to the respective POS system. The one-time setup of the parallel printouts is carried out by the POS system service provider. The cash register process and the cash register IT are not influenced in any way.

System Deployment

We offer you sell & pick as Software-as-a-Service-Solution. Billing is based on the actual number of store and employee accounts. sell & pick meets all the usual requirements for access security and availability.

Technical installation

All technical deployment and installation of the software platform is performed by sell & pick or by a certified partner company. A smooth setting without disturbing the operation is guaranteed. There will be a connection of a serial or IP printer interface to your POS system. Our technical infrastructure in your stores requires a power connection and Internet access via WLAN or LAN cable for the printer interface.

Important: The cash register process and the cash register IT are not influenced by sell & pick at any time.

Optional services for a fee

Sell & pick offers the following services as an option:

- Introductory webinar on how to handle and use the platform properly

- Management onboarding (Briefing and training of each manager of the participating branches on sell & pick)

- Kick-off event for the sales staff (explanation of the individual features of the user dashboard)

- Ongoing mission management (definition, input, evaluation and filing of all sales missions)

- Support and Coaching (support in the design of sell & pick according to your company goals incl. Employee training on site)

  • Strategy consulting (workshops to increase efficiency and effectiveness in sales)
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